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Cheli & Peacock Ltd is owned and operated by Stefano Cheli and Liz Peacock. The company started in 1985, and have been running it hands-on ever since.

Both safari guides and having grown up in Kenya, Liz & Stefano created the business to share safari in the wilderness with others. From 1985 Cheli & Peacock operated lavish private tented safaris with professional guides, often Stefano or Liz themselves. Camps were sent ahead and pitched on virgin sites, so when clients arrived the fire was going and the gin and tonics ready. The camps became more elaborate over the years from a Landrover and trailer for 6 people in the early days, to two 6ton lorries for 6 people! The company soon developed a reputation for professional service, outstanding food, attention to detail and that well worn phrase – “holidays of a lifetime”.